Neymar calls out CS2 developers after clearly missing an AWP shot

Neymar calls out CS2 developers after clearly missing an AWP shot

Soccer legend Neymar criticized Counter-Strike 2 developers on his Instagram with over 200 million followers for a missed AWP shot.

Over the years, Neymar has immersed himself in the Counter-Strike scene. Whether it’s streaming on Twitch or endorsing esports teams, his passion shines through.

However, a recent Instagram post where he called out Valve shows he’s no different from other gamers. Neymar posted a clip on his story where he complained to the developers about a missed AWP shot.

The story shows an up-close look at the enemy that Neymar was aiming at when he shot. But while he thought he hit his target, viewers noted that it looked like he simply missed.

Neymar went as far as tagging the official Counter-Strike account in his post after saying “CS is broken, look at this… there is no way” through translation.

Those within the community weren’t as convinced that Neymar had hit his shot as he claimed. A top comment underneath the post with over a thousand likes showed that most people thought he had simply missed.

“Am I tripping or he actually missed there?”

Neymar is not the only person to have issues with Counter-Strike 2.

A recently discovered bug acted as a cheat code for players and professional player dev1ce even punched his monitor after the game crashed at an international event. It seems like Neymar will have to hone his Counter-Strike 2 skills to hit his opponents in the future.

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