Niantic responds to Pokemon Go avatar complaints amid redesign controversy

Niantic responds to Pokemon Go avatar complaints amid redesign controversy

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has acknowledged player complaints regarding the controversial new Avatar system, though next steps remain unclear.

Days Pokemon Go‘s incredibly controversial new Avatar system was introduced, developer Niantic has acknowledged player criticism of the update for the first time.

As Pokémon GO Hub reports, a Niantic representative reached out to them asking for feedback from the community, including content creators, influencers, and social media users.

An unnamed high-ranking employee also issued a statement: “We’re sending all of your feedback to the Product Team, and the folks who worked on the Avatar system, we’re taking this seriously and really appreciate you sharing your candid personal opinions / follower opinions.”

Niantic also shared that they had fixed some issues with the Avatar system, including ones that “result in NSFW imagery in the game” – presumably referring to an issue that caused bare (but blank) crotches to be prominently displayed in certain poses.

This follows a tweet from Pokemon Go community manager Mx. Kestrel, who asked for “Critical, specific feedback” while reminding players that “Cruelty gets ignored!”

Despite the acknowledgment of player frustrations, though, it’s not clear what Niantic will do. At no point do they promise changes or mention rolling back the new system, which Pokemon Go players have slammed for making avatars look worse and causing some paid cosmetics to disappear. Still, this statement and Niantic’s request for more constructive feedback show the developers have, at the very least, heard the overwhelmingly negative response from the Pokemon Go community.

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