NICKMERCS stream sniper gets unbanned after IRL pleas

NICKMERCS stream sniper gets unbanned after IRL pleas

NICKMERCS was tracked down by a viewer in Las Vegas while IRL live streaming on Kick, only to be asked for an unban by the stream sniper.

On April 13, NICKMERCS was in Las Vegas with his family to attend the highly anticipated UFC 300 event. However, before it all started, the streamer surprised his fans by going live on Kick for his first-ever IRL stream.

Nick was joined by Tfue and his pops as they streamed themselves playing blackjack at the casino while interacting with various internet personalities and fans.

Around an hour into his Kick stream, a viewer approached the streamer from behind and after a short greeting, the man asked Nick to unban him: “You was like holding your dog the other day and I was typing W’s in the chat and then a motherf**ker banned me.”

“For saying W’s? You swear to god?” NICKMERCS asked, as the man pleaded his innocence: “Swear to god, you can check my chat history.”

Nick sent him straight over to one of his channel managers to get him unbanned, “Lee get him right man, he’ll take care of you, I’m sorry about that man.”

With the issue quickly being resolved a few minutes later, the fan then walked off. Nick started to then wonder if the man was actually telling the truth: “Chat do you think he’s telling the truth or not? About getting banned for saying W, that would be crazy right? If he’s lying chat that would be kinda wild right?”

It is unknown whether the viewer was telling the truth about the reason for Nick’s mod banned them, as the situation was not brought up again during the stream.

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