Normal-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances explained

Normal-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances explained

Normal-type Pokemon are basic, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth adding to your team. Here’s what you need to know about their weaknesses, strengths, counters, and more.

Since the beginning of the Pokemon franchise, Normal-types have had a reputation for being boring. But while they don’t typically get the same love as types like Water or Fairy, some of the most beloved and powerful Pokemon are Normal types.

Here’s everything a trainer needs to know about Normal-type Pokemon, including their weaknesses, strengths, and counters.


What is a Normal-type Pokemon?

Normal-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances explained

As the name suggests, Normal-type Pokemon can be just about anything so long as it’s not too exciting or extravagant. Don’t mistake normal for boring, though; there are plenty of beloved Normal-types from the adorable Eevee, to the relatable Snorlax, and even the divine Bidoof.

Many Normal Pokemon are essentially recreations of real-world animals like Rattata and Wooloo without strong ties to any particular element. Some dual-types push the boundaries a bit, but Pokemon like Deerling (Normal/Grass), Drampa (Normal/Dragon), and the regional Normal/Flying birds still have strong connections to realistic or “Normal” things.

There are some exceptions to that “not too exciting” rule, though. The Mythical Arceus, for example, is a Normal-type said to have created the Pokemon world. Its ability allows it to change into any type, and Normal being the default represents how Arceus doesn’t favor any particular type.

Normal-type Pokemon weaknesses

Normal-type Pokemon have just one weakness: Fighting.

Of course, that doesn’t account for dual types, which impact a Pokemon’s weaknesses and resistances, so keep that in mind.

Normal-type Pokemon strengths & resistances

Normal-type moves are not super effective against any other types. However, they make up for this with their minimal weaknesses and the fact they are only resisted by the following:

It’s important to note that Normal Pokemon are completely immune to Ghost-type moves; the reverse is also true, as Ghost is immune to Normal.

Best counters for Normal-type Pokemon

Normal-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances explained

The following Pokemon are great for countering Normal types:

Since Normal has just one weakness, strong Fighting-types are the obvious option. Pokemon that also have Rock, Steel, or Ghost as a secondary type are good for defending against Normal-type moves thanks to their resistance or immunity.


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Best Tera Types for Normal-type Pokemon

In addition, those playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will need to keep Tera types in mind when building a team. The following are good Tera-type options for Normal-type Pokemon:

All Normal-type moves

Normal-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances explained

There are 202 Normal-type moves – more than any other type – all of which are listed below:

Gen 1

Gen 2

Gen 3

Gen 4

Gen 5

Gen 6

Gen 7

Gen 8

Gen 9

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