NPC Miles Morales breaks character to shout at “annoying” NPC cat girl

NPC Miles Morales breaks character to shout at “annoying” NPC cat girl

TikTok’s famous NPC Miles Morales broke character to tell off an NPC cat girl streaming nearby him who was being too “loud”.

TikToker ‘‘ is still cashing in on the social media platform’s NPC trend by imitating Marvel’s Miles Morales, going live in public, and receiving gifts from viewers.

With many of his streams taking place out and about in public spaces, it’s no surprise the streamer occasionally encounters other people. However, recently broke character after getting angered by a fellow NPC streamer who happened to distract him from his work.

Unable to ignore the NPC cat girl sounding in the background of his stream, proceeded to confront and yell at her, claiming she was being unnecessarily “loud” and “annoying”.

Looking irritated by the girl’s NPC responses, struggled to stay in character while responding to viewers’ gifts. However, he was ultimately unable to take it any longer.

Acting as though Miles Morales had been pulled off screen, returned as himself to confront the cat girl; “F****** God bro, that sh** is so f****** annoying. What the f*** is that?”

“Bro, why are you so f****** loud? You’re always so f****** hungry, are you okay?” he shouted at the girl, who was clad in a white dress, collar, and matching cat ears. She was able to maintain character despite’s interruption, quickly retorting with, “Why aren’t you out saving the city?”

“F*** you, f****** bitch,” hit back, before walking away and leaving the NPC cat girl to continue her stream.

A clip of the confrontation was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user ‘scubaryan_‘, who explained that ended his livestream as soon as he had finished shouting at the NPC cat girl.

“Why [are] they working right next to each other?” one person quizzed, amused by the situation. Another said, “Bro folded immediately when asked about saving the city.”

This isn’t the first time NPC Miles Morales has broken character, having previously done so to tell viewers off for not gifting.


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