Old School RuneScape’s upcoming Herblore update offers incredible rewards

Old School RuneScape’s upcoming Herblore update offers incredible rewards

An upcoming update to Varlamore has been revealed with Old School RuneScape’s latest continent set to receive a new Herblore activity that offers some incredible rewards.

Both for regular and Ironman accounts, Herblore training has remained largely untouched in OSRS. However, that is now set to change with a new activity in the works.

A blog post detailing the activity revealed what you can expect. The proposed Herblore activity will see players use their herbs to create concoctions at the Herb Mill based on a given order. These orders will request a base impacted by which herbs are used and a modifier impacted by the method used to process the potion.

For example, a Concentrated Mason’s Tonic (Aga, Aga, Mox) could be created using x1 Dwarf Weed (2 Aga) and x1 Marrentill (1 Mox) as these have the required components. The exact herbs needed will vary based on the order but what remains consistent is that you’ll never need to use secondary ingredients.

The activity is interesting enough but what’s got the community talking is the rewards. In the blog post, Jagex proposes the new Herblore activity will offer the following rewards:

The standouts here are the Reagents Pouch which will let you craft twice as many potions per inventory as was confirmed by Mod Sarnie and the Potion Storage which will be an incredible bank cleanser.

Keep in mind that while this activity is coming to OSRS, this is just a proposal for the time being. Old School RuneScape players should be aware that the specifics of this Herblore method may change in the future based on community feedback.

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