One Chainsaw Man character’s weapons keep breaking, and fans can’t figure out why

One Chainsaw Man character’s weapons keep breaking, and fans can’t figure out why

Fans are confused why one Chainsaw Man character keeps breaking their weapon instead of keeping it for the future.

Chainsaw Man is as unapologetic and brilliant in its second part as it was with the first. One of the best aspects of Part 2 is the protagonist, Asa Mitaka. A sad and lonely teenager just like Denji, Asa is an underdog who has readers rooting for her. However, one thing about Asa is quite confusing to the fandom.

As the host of the War Devil Yoru, Asa can transform anything that belongs to her into a weapon in an instant. This ability extends to both living and non-living objects. Throughout the story, she makes a number of weapons in various circumstances as she faces many enemies.

One thing readers noticed about Asa is that she never keeps her weapons around after using them in a fight. This seems like a misstep on her part as keeping weapons with her could be quite handy for future encounters. 

Fans are questioning this choice of hers, and they’re quite confused about the whole matter. Many readers think that Asa’s weapons, created by Yoru’s powers, could be used only once and disappear after a single use. 

“I love that sword design, I wish she kept it around longer. It was cool!!” A fan wrote on Reddit.

“Pretty sure they just disappear,” is what another reader explained on the matter.

“I thought the weapons weren’t permanent, or was their durability/power dependent on the ownership/value?” another user expressed their confusion.

However, the real reason Asa doesn’t keep her weapons after using them is because the weapons Yoru creates are not very durable. As Yoru explains in the manga, the stronger the weapon she makes, the more fragile it is in constitution. That means every strong weapon Asa uses is bound to be destroyed after a short period.

There have been several pieces of evidence for that in the story. Asa’s Super-Strong Uniform Sword is destroyed within days, and so is her Aquarium Spear. These all mean that if she does end up keeping her weapons, she can only keep weak weapons with her, which is pointless.


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Another reason why she doesn’t keep her weapons is because she can create some instantly with Yoru’s ability. So, keeping more with her would only be an inconvenience, since there are always other options close to hand.

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