One Piece announces worldwide celebration for main character’s birthday

One Piece announces worldwide celebration for main character’s birthday

One Piece fans are up for a big celebration as the series announces a worldwide celebration for its main character’s birthday.

In case you’re unaware, One Piece protagonist Monkey D. Luffy has his birthday coming on May 5, celebrated as Children’s Day in Japan. To celebrate Luffy’s birthday and the completion of 25 years of the anime, the makers have planned a big event on the day.

Toei Animation Europe, the European branch of the studio behind the massively successful anime show, will be organizing the celebratory event. The studio has announced a grand celebration in five different cities in Europe simultaneously. The cities where the One Piece celebration will take place are Milan, Berlin, London, Madrid, and Paris.

The scale of this One Piece celebration will be as grand as Luffy’s dream. And there are plenty of reasons for that too. Not only will fans get the chance to celebrate Luffy’s birthday but 2024 also serves as the 25th year of the TV anime.

There has already been a video revealing the locations of the celebration released ahead of May 5. The studio has tried to give better access to the event to fans with a website for the event. It has also promised more upcoming details on the event.

On the official announcement of the news, Toei Animation Europe has tagged Crunchyroll, Funko Europe, PLASTOY, and ABYstyle, revealing their involvement in the birthday event on May 5.

For 25 years, One Piece has been entertaining fans. It’s equally joyous and sentimental for viewers to celebrate Luffy’s birthday after following his journey for more than two decades. However, it’s the European fans who will get to have the most fun so far.

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