One Piece Chapter 1112: Vegapunk’s last move against Gorosei

One Piece Chapter 1112: Vegapunk’s last move against Gorosei

One Piece Chapter 1112 confirms Vegapunk’s brilliant last move against Gorosei, which he’s been planning for a long time.

The One Piece manga shocked the entire fandom when Chapter 1108 featured Vegapunk broadcasting a message to the whole world. Vegapunk received fatal attacks from both Saturn and Kizaru, and as soon as that happens, a worldwide broadcast starts playing worldwide.

However, the message has yet to be revealed. Vegapunk gave everyone 10 minutes to prepare their visual den den mushi. The Gorosei are certain that Vegapunk is dead after Kizaru’s attack. They deduce that the source of the broadcast is Labo-Stratum, before invading Egghead.

The Five Elders, who rarely ever descend to the land, all came to Egghead, which proves how they’re desperate they are to stop the broadcast. However, things may not be as simple as they seem, as One Piece Chapter 1112 drops a major hint about Vegapunk’s last move against Gorosei. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming chapter!

What happens in One Piece Chapter 1112?

Nusjuro destroys all the Pacifistas while Luffy fights Ju Peter and Warcury. However, Mars is trying to destroy the broadcast source. In the recent chapter, he terrifies York with his appearance and orders her to take him to the room displayed on the monitor.

In the upcoming chapter, York takes him there, and he destroys the room without wasting a second. But that doesn’t stop the broadcast. He then reaches Punk Records and gloats about Vegapunk being out of luck. However, he notices something and looks up.

Why didn’t the broadcast stop after destroying the monitor room?

One Piece Chapter 1112: Vegapunk’s last move against Gorosei

The elders are sure that Labo-Stratum is the broadcast source, but then it would be too easy to stop it from being broadcast. They’re monsters, and hardly any time of security would be effective. Nusjuro single-handedly destroying all the pacifistas is proof of that. Vegapunk knew that they would try to stop his message from being revealed, so he wouldn’t want to take risks and allow them to succeed.


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Vegapunk is the most genius character in One Piece, and if he’s staking his life on something, he will ensure that he succeeds. There have been several theories about the broadcast being shown from somewhere else, and the upcoming chapter proves that much is true true.

Vegapunk must’ve known Gorosei would try to stop him, so he baited them into coming to Egghead. The real message was recorded some time ago, and while they did record it on Egghead, it doesn’t mean they cannot broadcast from somewhere else.

He knew his life was in danger, so he set up a mechanism that would trigger the message being revealed to the world when he died. Hence, despite Gorosei’s desperate attempts, it’s likely that Vegapunk’s plan will succeed.

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