One Piece fan actually predicted major Joyboy twist years ago

Anamika Das

One Piece fan actually predicted major Joyboy twist years ago

Eiichiro Oda/Toei Animation

One Piece fans are often coming up with different theories and headcanon for the beloved series. Many never come true, however, one fan actually correctly predicted a major twist regarding Joyboy some time ago ago.

One Piece Cahpter 1114 revealed a shocking twist about one of its most mysterious characters, Joyboy. He’s someone we’ve been hearing about for a long time, but actually know very little about, though we’re starting to leant now.

One Piece Chapter 1114 finally reveals that the ever-elusive hero is none other than the first pirate in history. The chapter also unveils that Joyboy originally belonged to the scientifically superior Ancient Kingdom and had similar powers like Sun God Nika.

This latest twist might have come as a shock to many One Piece readers, but one fan seemed to know what was coming all along. A Reddit user named quinnybo shared one of his theories on the One Piece subreddit three years ago that has come true in the present.

They theorized that Joyboy is the first pirate as he is described as an epitome of freedom and One Piece portrays pirates as the “free men”. Thus, Joyboy being a pirate makes a lot of sense since that means he was the first “free man”. 

Idea/Theory Potential: Joyboy was the first pirate.
byu/quinnybo inOnePiece

The Joyboy theory didn’t get a lot of attention and upvotes from the fellow users but, shockingly, it was proven right years later. The original poster’s reasoning also makes a lot of sense and is in accordance with One Piece’s spirit.

Joyboy being confirmed as the first pirate also opens a lot of doors for future predictions. His character is becoming more prominent in the story now that the series is heading towards its conclusion. More information on both him and his connection to Luffy is expected to be revealed eventually.

By revealing this new information about Joyboy, Chapter 1114 also clarifies a lot of confusion and fan theories. The chapter makes it clear that Joyboy and Nika were two separate individuals, and while Nika was a fable from Elbaf, Joyboy was an actual, real person.

One Piece is guaranteed to come back with more explosive twists after its recent hiatus. Until then, find out who has the highest bounty in One Piece, what is Vegapunk’s message, and how Trafalgar Law became a woman.


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