Oreo collab with Sour Patch Kids for wild new flavor and they’ve already gone viral

Oreo collab with Sour Patch Kids for wild new flavor and they’ve already gone viral

Oreo made the exciting announcement that they’re teaming up with Sour Patch Kids to create a brand new cookie flavor, and people are already loving it. 

The cookies resemble Oreo Golden Cookies but both the cookie and creme filling have Sour Patch Kids flavors and colors, “creating a sweet yet sour taste, inspired by Sour Patch Kids.”

The exclusive new range will hit stores on May 6 and will be sold nationwide across the US. Commenting in a press release, Caroline Suppiger, senior associate and brand manager at Oreo said: “The OREO brand is always looking for playful ways to excite our fans. What better and more unexpected way to do that than letting SOUR PATCH KIDS playfully take over our cookie?!”

Grace Howard, innovation brand manager for Sour Patch Kids said the candy company “couldn’t pass up” the opportunity to partner with its sister brand. “We are both so excited to see the fan reaction to this sour-then-sweet limited-edition cookie.”

Oreo and Sour Patch Kids are both owned by parent company Mondelēz International, but this is the first time they’ve ever created a crossover snack. 

The Sour Patch Kids / Oreo combo is already going viral on TikTok after a man gave fans an exclusive review of the cookies in April. It seems that an employee at Walgreens accidentally stocked them early, and the customer was able to get their hands on one. 

Overall, he gave them a great review, stating: “They really nailed the flavor of Sour Patch Kids… after a couple of seconds, the sourness really starts to kick in.”

Viewers were also eager to sample the new treats and reminisced about previous favorites: “I remember the Sour Patch Kids ice cream at Dollar General. That was so fire. Bring it back!”

However, some weren’t sold on the new release, saying: “This sounds so gross,” and that it looked “Lowkey nasty.”

The new cookies retail at $4.50 and have been pre released on the official Oreo store online – so you can grab them early.

McDonald’s also revealed in April that they’d be teaming up with popular cookie brand Lotus Biscoff. They’re concocting a brand new drink and McFlurry that fast food customers will be able to enjoy.

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