Original Fallout creator has nothing but praise for TV show

Original Fallout creator has nothing but praise for TV show

Fallout 1 creator Tim Cain has only good things to say about the TV show based on the games that have spawned from his work.

The Fallout TV series has soared in the reviews, much to the surprise of fans. While other recent video games to live-action adaptations have been missing that certain something to make them great, Fallout has hit the nuclear nail on the head, so much so that it’s gained the attention of Fallout 1 lead programmer, creator, designer, and producer Tim Cain.

While fans debate on which Fallout game is the best and Fallout: New Vegas fan debate whether the show is retconning their favorite game, the creator of the original game, Tim Cain is living it up with the live-action Fallout TV series, offering nothing but good thoughts on the adaptation.

Fallout creator loves the live-action TV series

Fallout 1 creator, lead programmer, and designer Tim Cain uploaded a video to his personal YouTube channel featuring his experiences going to the series premiere in Hollywood and thoughts on the recently released Fallout live-action TV series on Amazon Prime.

“They showed us the first two [episodes] back to back, I liked it. I thought visually, it was really good. I thought that the humor was VERY good. They hit the vibe, also extremely well acted.” He continues, “I was impressed. This is really good; you kind of just fall into it.” It’s clear he’s loving the adaptation.

Praising the humor and potential references, Tim says after talking with the showrunners, “A lot of people you see in the show were Fallout fans, and there was some improv.” He also gives some big props to the props and design department:

“I was sitting there looking at the set, and it was so detailed, there were things that looked so good, the props – there’s one point where Lucy walks into a shop in Filly, and I was just looking at the props – I had not followed the dialogue at all because I was so engrossed in it visually.”

Since acquiring the rights to the franchise, Bethesda has changed Fallout from an isometric role-playing game to a first-person shooter open-world experience. One would think that taking the series in such a drastically different direction may spawn differing opinions, but Tim Cain quells these rumors, “It was fun to talk to those guys; they’re really nice. Some of the stuff you guys say online is so off – I wish you could meet the people behind this.”

The Fallout live-action series is available to watch now on Amazon Prime. Meanwhile back with the games from the wasteland, Fallout 76 is receiving a free update of gear from the TV show, and Fallout 4 is getting the next-gen treatment with a massive update coming very soon.

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