“Overpowered” Aftermarket Part turns deadly MW3 AR into meta SMG in Warzone

“Overpowered” Aftermarket Part turns deadly MW3 AR into meta SMG in Warzone

There is an “overpowered” Aftermarket Part that turns one of Modern Warfare 3’s best Assault Rifles into a top-tier pick as an SMG, and it’s pretty insane. 

Over the last few years, Call of Duty fans have had more ways than ever to customize their favorite weapons. The biggest change of which was the addition of weapon tuning, which let you fully focus on one aspect – say negating recoil or bumping up the fire rate.

While weapon tuning has been done away with, the new Aftermarket Parts in Modern Warfare 3 allow you to tweak guns in a similar way as you can turn SMGs into Assault Rifles, Snipers into Shotguns, and so on. 

That is the case with the BP50 and the JAK Revenger Kit, as the new conversion kit turns the AR into one of the best SMGs in the game. That’s according to a few Warzone experts like Metaphor, anyway, who described it as an “overpowered” attachment. 

“This thing is absolutely insane and will be a top tier meta contender with the HRM, as long as you’re shooting people in the first damage range,” the YouTuber said in his April 24 video. “It does pretty damage with 1000 rate of fire, which is absolutely crazy. Outside of the first damage range, though, you are going to have issues.” 

As noted, Metaphor isn’t the only Warzone expert that is bigging up the BP50’s conversion kit. TrueGameData added that it is “an absolutely top tier SMG” that matches the TTK of the more meta HRM.

The Assualt Rifle is clearly an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get a little weird and use a different SMG to everyone else.

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