Overwatch 2 DPS mains call for players to stop blaming their tank

Overwatch 2 DPS mains call for players to stop blaming their tank

Tank players tend to get flamed despite doing well in Overwatch 2, and these players are calling for others to stop treating them like countering the enemy team is only their responsibility.

Unless you only play against AI in Overwatch 2, chances are you’ve been blamed for failure at least once by a teammate, regardless of your hero and role. It’s not a pleasant feeling, but when you’re playing with four other strangers, things like this can happen occasionally.

Though for the most part, according to the community, tank players tend to experience this a lot more. While this is not a new sight, some DPS mains have now gathered in a Reddit thread to defend tank players from getting blamed despite doing their job.

According to the OP, who claimed to have over 800 hours as a DPS player, it is the DPS’ job to pick up the slack when the tank is being countered by “most of the enemy team.” 

“I’m so tired of seeing people s*** on the tank when they are doing really well and like 3 members of the enemy team swap to counter.”

They explained that if the tank starts getting “punished” mid-game despite doing well, they “clearly know their job” and “are being pressured.” Hence why at that point, it’s the DPS’ job to counter them to “relieve pressure” and help the tank “be more effective at their job,” as having the tank switch constantly would ultimately only “hurt the team as a whole.”

Following this take, other players also agreed with the OP in the comments, though occasionally, some replies poked fun at entitled players expecting the tank to “carry every game.”

One person pointed out that just because there’s only one tank in a team doesn’t mean it only breaks down to “1 tank vs the other.” 

“I HATE it when people default to ‘our tank is being countered’….well what the hell are you doing? Why is it only their job to deal with it?” they added.

“Absolutely this. Not only DPS, but Supports, too,” mentioned another user. They went on to explain that if the enemy is running Mauga  / Roadhog + Bastion + Reaper because your tank is Reinhardt / Winston, it’s a golden opportunity to run Double Snipers and even Ana and Zenyatta since there’s no dive.

The same goes if the enemy is running Zarya, Mei, and Symmetra to counter your D.Va tank; “This is an absolute heaven for Pharah / Echo / Mercy because they have no hitscans!”

I think these players made a really good point overall. Overwatch 2 is a team game, and if you want to win, it’s best to pick a comp that would synergize better and can counter the enemy team. It’s unfair to expect one person in your team (the tank) to make the switch and pick a hero that helps.

I occasionally play tank and can relate to the pain, like picking D.Va and still being told to switch even though I ate a Graviton or a Hanzo dragon and kept denying the enemy Ana’s nade. Yet the DPS, who didn’t bother to counterswap, told me to switch just because they had a Zarya.

Winning is a team effort; at the end of the day, helping your tank out instead of flaming them can do wonders.

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