Overwatch 2 enabling Venture for Competitive on launch is ruining matches

Overwatch 2 enabling Venture for Competitive on launch is ruining matches

Season 10 of OW2 is in its early days and players want to try out the new hero Venture in Competitive to ruin the experience for everyone else.

Venture released in Overwatch 2 on April 16 along with the new season after a short test period in Season 9. Usually, Blizzard gives heroes a small grace period of a few weeks before launching the shiny new character into Competitive.

But Venture was made available in ranked matches from the moment Season 10 started, and it has been infuriating to play Competitive games.

While this unique debut gets the hero into people’s hands faster and doesn’t force players to pay to grind the battle pass to unlock them, it also creates even more chaos in the Competitive ladder to start the season.

In the case of Venture, the close-ranged hero excels at weaving in and out of the enemy backline. Venture can combo their Drill Dash and Burrow in succession to burst down enemies or jump to safety. They are best used as a flanking hero, initiating fights to move enemies out of position and then pounce with the whole team.

I just wish my teammates were using Venture this way in Competitive.

So far, players seem content to lock in the hero and pretend like Venture is a re-skinned version of Doomfist instead of putting the time into learning even their most basic combos in Quick Play before trying them out in Competitive. Seeing a Venture run out to take on the entire enemy team on their own has become a common occurrence.

Familiarizing yourself with Venture’s kit in Quick Play and then trying them out in Competitive without knowing specific character interactions, or their most optical use, is fine. Everyone is on a level playing field right now in terms of knowledge around the hero. Finding new team combos and strategies is fun, even with rank standing on the line.

However, it crosses a line when the game becomes a 4v5 because someone wanted to first-time Venture.

Players were already dubious about their immediate introduction to the Competitive cast when it was announced, and their fears have been vindicated.

Venture is a powerful hero that can be used well in the right hands. However, in the past few days, Competitive Overwatch 2 matches have come down to who has the more experienced (I’m using this term loosely) Venture.

With this new rollout style for heroes, it might be worth waiting a week or two to hop into Competitive until players have a better understanding of the new character.

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