Pikachu becomes Flying-type in Pokemon Go avatar glitch

Pikachu becomes Flying-type in Pokemon Go avatar glitch

The ongoing issues with Pokemon Go’s new avatars have reached a new low, as some Pokemon will now float about their Trainer rather than touching them.

Pokemon Go fans are up in arms over the changes made to avatars in the most recent update. These have resulted in everyone’s characters looking strikingly different, both in terms of physical appearance and the clothes they wear.

One persistent issue that fans have complained about is clipping. The new avatars don’t sit well with the clothes, resulting in instances where their flesh cuts through their clothing.

The opposite issue can also be seen where items don’t connect to the character model, leading to floating accessories.

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit has shared a glitch affecting their game, where their Pikachu now floats above their shoulder rather than sitting on it. This makes it seem like Flying Pikachu has returned to the game.

I know everybody hates the update, but now my buddy isn’t even touching me
byu/pancakesiguess inpokemongo

Fortunately, fans can laugh at these issues, as the discourse surrounding Pokemon Go has been especially vitriolic of late. The player base is furious over the changes to avatars, especially as some items that players have previously paid for aren’t working as promised.

The question now is how Niantic will respond to the backlash. Will the changes be rolled back, or will the company double down and hope players get used to the changes? In the meantime, players will just have to walk around in clipped-up pants with a flying Pikachu on their shoulders until something is done.

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