Pokemon Go fans claim Necrozma will “dominate” PvP after moveset leaks

Philip Trahan

Pokemon Go fans claim Necrozma will “dominate” PvP after moveset leaks


Pokemon Go dataminers have uncovered Necrozma’s moveset in the mobile game, and some fans think this Legendary Pokemon could dominate in certain PvP leagues.

The leak has gained traction on social media, where dataminers posted the code showing Necrozma’s moveset.

According to the code, all forms of Necrozma will have the Fast Moves Metal Claw, Psycho Cut, and Shadow Claw. As for Charged Moves, Necrozma will have access to Dark Pulse, Future Sight, Iron Head, and Outrage.

Those who know their Pokemon lore will remember that Necrozma can fuse with the other Gen 7 Legendaries and Ultranecrozium Z to gain access to three different forms.

These forms allow Necrozma to gain access to three different type combos, like Psychic/Steel, Psychic/Ghost, and Psychic/Dragon. While all three forms will be present in Pokemon Go, Necrozma’s moveset won’t change based on its form, according to information from leakers.

Necrozma’s Moveset Updated
byu/krispyboiz inTheSilphRoad

As its base form is a pure Psychic-type, Necrozma’s STAB moveset is a bit of a mixed bag, with Psycho Cut being a great Fast Move and Future Sight being an underwhelming Charged Move option.

Still, some fans think Necrozma’s fusions could compensate for its shortcomings in PvP. “If the fusions are allowed to be used in PvP, Dawn Wings is going to dominate ML. Would not surprise me if it becomes the new #1 mon overall,” said one Reddit user.

Another fan said, “Shadow Claw is the start of Dawn Wings Necrozma’s career as a certified menace, glad it hasn’t dropped and the move is already there.”

It’s important to note that this information is still based on leaks, so it may be subject to change. As such, fans should take it with a grain of salt.

Additionally, Necrozma has yet to debut in Pokemon Go at the time of writing, as it will arrive in the mobile game through the Go Fest 2024 event. Fans will see just how well Necrozma performs in PvP after its official release in Summer 2024.


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