Pokemon Go Garbodor: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

Pokemon Go Garbodor: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

Players looking to use the waste-filled Garbodor in Pokemon Go’s PvP or Raid battles should be aware of its best movesets, so here’s the full list as well as the ultimate combinations to try out.

Trubbish and its evolution, Garbodor, were introduced into the franchise in Pokemon Black & White, and first appeared in Pokemon Go with the release of Trade Evolutions in 2020.

If you want to battle along the Poison-type Garbodor, you should take advantage of Trubbish’s Spotlight Hour or look for it inside 2 km Eggs or Research Tasks during the Sustainability Week event. Once you evolve it, here are the best movesets you should teach Garbodor.


Pokemon Go Garbodor all moves

This garbage-lookalike Pokemon has a total of three Fast Moves and four Charged Moves in the game, leaving players with a decent set of combinations to try out.

Garbodor Fast Moves

Garbodor Charged Moves

Pokemon Go Garbodor: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

Pokemon Go Garbodor best PvP moveset

The best moveset players can teach Garbodor for PvP encounters consists of Infestation as a Fast Move and Body Slam as a Charged Move.

Neither of Garbodor’s Fast Moves benefits from STAB, so go with Infestation, as it deals more damage than Take Down and has a faster charge.

Even though Garbodor has two Poison-type Charged Moves, neither is good enough. Acid Spray might be cheap, but its damage is too poor, and Gunk Shot has outstanding damage, but it’s too expensive. Plus, both are too slow. Instead, go with Body Slam which is cheap, strong, and fast.

It’s worth noting that you can use Gunk Shot as a secondary Charged Move to deal great damage or go with Seed Bomb for coverage.

Pokemon Go Garbodor best Raid moveset

Garbodor’s best moveset for Raid battles includes Infestation as a Fast Move and Gunk Shot as a Charged Move.

As noted above, Infestation is the best Fast Move Garbodor has, so go with it. For the Charged Move, you can go with Gunk Shot to add extra damage to the already powerful move.

For a more defensive approach, switch Gunk Shot for Seed Bomb as it has good coverage against Ground-type moves. Plus, as a 3-bar move, it’s more accessible.


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That’s all you need to know about Garbodor’s best movesets in Pokemon Go. For more game content, check out our other guides:

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