Pokemon Go Mega Heracross 100 IV explained

Pokemon Go Mega Heracross 100 IV explained

For those Pokemon Go players who need to identify and catch a Mega Heracross with 100 IVs, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about when you’ve landed the big one.

In Pokemon Go, fans of the Gen 2 monster Heracross can finally Mega Evolve it, similar to the mainline Generation 6 titles. After encountering Mega Heracross in Raids, trainers can potentially encounter the Mega Pokemon with a perfect 100 IVs. To identify this, you should look out for two numbers. In Pokemon Go, 100 IV Mega Heracross has the following CP:

It’s important to remember that Pokemon Go trainers that defeat Mega Heracross in Raids won’t immediately get a chance to catch the Mega version, but base Heracross instead. A Heracross with 100 IVs will have 1772 CP in Raids and 2215 CP in weather-boosted Raids.

Pokemon Go Mega Heracross 100 IV explained

Trainers who’ve found one with either of the two CPs above have lucked out as it means this Mega Bug/Fighting-type has 100 IVs in all stats. Of course, 100 IVs means that every individual value is at its best.

Those looking forward to Mega Evolving Heracross can encounter it as a Raid Boss on Saturday, April 13, 2024, from 2 PM until 5 PM local time. Encountering it during this time will give trainers Mega Energy, which can be used to Mega Evolve Heracross.

It’s important to remember that while Mega Pokemon can be used freely in Raids, they are only allowed in PvP during special event Cups. That being said, Heracross itself only performs decently in the Master League. It’s a decent counter for Pokemon like Metagross, Excadrill, Swampert, and Ursaluna.

Pokemon Go Mega Heracross 100 IV explained

In Pokemon Go, players can search for 100 IV Pokemon by typing ‘4*’ into the search bar. Alternatively, if you have it unlocked click ‘Pokemon,’ tap the Search bar, tap ‘See More,’ then scroll down to the ‘Perfect’ button.

If you are setting out to add Mega Heracross to your party, be sure to check out our Pokemon Go Mega Heracross Raid guide including weaknesses and counters, our guide on how to get Mega Heracross and if it can be Shiny, as well as Mega Heracross’ best moveset in Pokemon Go.

That’s all we have on this Mega Heracross 100 IV guide for now, but for even more great Pokemon Go content be sure to read the articles below:


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