Pokemon Go player learns Gym limit the hard way

Philip Trahan

Pokemon Go player learns Gym limit the hard way

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Unbeknownst to some Pokemon Go players, there’s a limit to how many monsters one can place in Gyms — which one fan learned the hard way.

As veteran Pokemon Go players know, putting monsters in Gyms is a great way to passively earn PokeCoins.

However, even long-time fans may be surprised to learn there’s a limit on the amount of Pokemon that trainers can place in Gyms at one time — a fact one trainer, unfortunately, stumbled upon.

A Reddit user named ‘RmvblDsk’ made a post titled, “20. The limit to how many Pokemon you can have at a gym is 20.” They included a screenshot of the rare message that pops up should a player manage to hit the cap.

According to the OP, they encountered the cap while attempting to earn the Platinum ‘Gym leader’ badge, which requires 15,000 hours of Gym defense.

20. The limit to how many pokemon you can have at a gym is 20.
byu/RmvblDsk inpokemongo

However, the trainer admitted that even after surpassing the gargantuan milestone, they continued to put Pokemon in Gyms while being mindful of other trainers looking to earn PokeCoins.

While some members of the community are aware of the Pokemon Go Gym limit, it’s not a common message that pops up.

Of course, there are exceptions like one trainer who said, “I live in a place where there is 30-40 gyms and nobody playing PoGo around. So my Pokemon usually sit there for months until a traveler knocks Pokemon out.”

In the early days of the mobile game, players could actually earn 10 PokeCoins once a day for each Gym a trainer’s Pokemon occupied. Thus, fans could earn over double the 50 PokeCoin cap that trainers are familiar with today.

While trainers don’t need to have 20 different Pokemon in different Gyms to reach their daily 50 PokeCoins, it certainly helps. Just remember to be courteous and let other trainers defend Gyms as well.

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