Pokemon Go set for huge shake-up with Rediscover Go event

Pokemon Go set for huge shake-up with Rediscover Go event

Niantic has officially revealed the Rediscover Go event, including some major changes to the mobile title alongside some celebrations to coincide with upcoming updates.

It’s hard to believe it, but we’re coming up on eight years of Pokemon Go goodness, as the mobile title originally launched in the summer of 2016. Naturally, it’s now seen a slew of major changes over the years, but the latest batch could shake up the formula in some very welcome ways.

The Pokemon Company and Niantic have revealed Rediscover Go, a campaign bringing several major changes to the title, as well as a series of events meant to celebrate each change. Some fans have already seen some of these changes in beta testing, but now they’re rolling out worldwide.

The major changes are mostly cosmetic, adjusting how players and the world look while interacting with the game. Breaking it down, the changes are as follows:

After announcing the upcoming changes in a post on X, fans had plenty to say about the initiative, with several commending the overhaul, while predictably a lot of fans are also underwhelmed. One comment says, “Very cool campaign to attract new players outside of the current community.”

Meanwhile, another comment adds, “Can we rediscover remote raiding with the limit being removed?” Despite over a year between the changes to remote raid passes and now, many fans are still sore about the price adjustment, and practically any announcement from Niantic is swamped with these comments.

Still, it’s nice to see Niantic committed to improving Pokemon Go, and alongside the major cosmetic changes, there have been a lot of smaller quality-of-life updates that fans have welcomed with open arms. Hopefully, Niantic has even more surprises in store ahead of Pokemon Go Fest 2024.

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