Pokemon Go Weavile: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

Pokemon Go Weavile: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

In the mainline games Weavile is a utility powerhouse but how does it perform in Pokemon Go? Here is the best Pokemon Go moveset to use on Weavile in both PvP and Raids to win more battles with the Dark/Ice type.

Weavile was added to Pokemon Go back in November 2018 as part of that year’s Hatchathon event. It immediately became one of the best Ice-type Pokemon, a title it still holds even today.

The addition of new moves has only made Weavile stronger and now in 2024, the Sharp Claw Pokemon remains a powerful option in Pokemon Go’s meta.

However, to get the most out of Weavile you’ll need to use the best moveset possible. Here is the moveset you want to be using plus a breakdown of how good Weavile is in both PvP and Raids.


Pokemon Go Weavile: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

Pokemon Go Weavile all moves

Weavile can learn eight different moves in Pokemon Go. This includes three Fast Moves and five Charged Moves, with two exclusive to its Shadow and Purified forms.

Weavile Fast Moves

Weavile Charged Moves

Pokemon Go Weavile best PvP moveset

Weavile’s best moveset in PvP is Snarl as its fast move alongside Foul Play and Avalanche as its Charged Moves.

Snarl is the optimal fast move as it has some of the best energy generation in Pokemon Go, letting Weavile spam Charged Moves and deal more damage overall. As a bonus, it is also a STAB attack giving Snarl a further 25% damage boost.

Speaking of STAB-boosted attacks, both Foul Play and Avalanche are excellent options not only because they also receive a damage boost, but because they are strong moves that deal a lot of damage. Although Triple Axel was added to Weavile’s movepool in September 2023 it is outclassed by Avalanche.

Using this best moveset gives Weavile coverage against a range of common types: Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ghost, Ground, and Psychic. This helps Weavile serve its role as an effective glass cannon in PvP. However, its double weakness to Fighting and overall fragility prevents the Dark/Ice type from being a truly meta pick in any tier.


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Pokemon Go Weavile best Raid moveset

When taking on Raid battles you’ll want Weavile to have a moveset consisting of Snarl as its Fast Move and Foul Play as its Charged Move.

This optimal moveset and Weavile’s impressive 243 Attack stat allow Weavile to excel as a Dark-type Attacker in Raids. That’s especially true if you have Shadow Weavile who outputs better DPS than legendaries like Darkrai, Yveltal, and Zarude.

If you want an Ice-type Attacker instead, a Weavile with Ice Shard and Avalanche is viable too. It manages to compete against the likes of Shadow Articuno, Shadow Regice, and Glaceon but is bettered by Shadow Mamoswine and Kyurem, Pokemon Go’s current strongest Ice types.

That’s all you need to know about Weavile’s best moveset in Pokemon Go. For more game content, check out these guides:

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