Pokemon VG champion defends Orlando title on “3 hours of sleep”

Pokemon VG champion defends Orlando title on “3 hours of sleep”

Previous Pokemon World Champion and Pokemon Orlando Regional 2023 Champion Wolfe Glick came back to the Orlando 2024 Regionals to defend his title and won the tournament all over again.

It’s hard to keep a good champion down, and just days after his appearance in the Pokemon EUIC 2024 tournament, previous World Champion Wolfe Glick returned to the Orlando Regionals this weekend, to defend his 2024 Orlando Regional title. Even though he was running on “3 hours sleep” at the time.

After battling through “lots of touch matches” to advance to Day 2, Wolfe ultimately defeated finalist Neil Patel, with Glick’s Amoonguss managing to survive a Close Combat from Urshifu in the final round, only to land a Sludge Bomb in retaliation, winning Glick the trophy.

Glick celebrated the win on X, posting “I WON ORLANDO REGIONALS AAAAA” shortly after the match. Glick has now won the Orlando Regionals two years in a row, putting him in good stead before Pokemon Worlds in the coming months.

Plenty of fans were showering Glick with praise under his announcement of the win, with one saying, “Best finals of the season. That was amazing, congratulations!!!!” Meanwhile, another comment adds, “You may actually be the goat.”

For even more from Orlando Regionals champion Wolfe Glick, including his biggest fears ahead of Pokemon Worlds 2024, be sure to read our Wolfe Glick interview from Pokemon EUIC 2024.

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