Pokimane wants influencer boxing match after sparring match with Mizkif

Pokimane wants influencer boxing match after sparring match with Mizkif

Twitch icon Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys says she’s open to fighting in an influencer boxing event after having a sparring match with Mizkif at his Iron Forge gym.

Many streamers and online personalities have made waves in the world of influencer boxing ever since Logan Paul and KSI’s historic bout back in 2018, and Pokimane could be the latest to join in on the trend.

During a recent broadcast, Pokimane was doing some training with Mizkif and female MMA fighter Julia Watkins, the latter of whom was quite impressed by Poki’s punches.

“Beautiful!” Watkins praised. “Okay, influencer boxing when?”

“Actually, I’d be down,” Pokimane replied, as she continued firing off jabs on Miz and listening to Julia’s directions.

Unfortunately, Anys didn’t seem to have any opponent in mind, but ruled out Mizkif’s suggestion of boxing Twitch streamer ‘wantep,’ joking that it would be “bad PR” to beat up a “kid.”

She also seemed uninterested in a potential fight against retired boxer Mike Tyson, mimicking the fighter’s viral training session for his July 20 match against Jake Paul, which she said sounded like a “demon.”

We’ll have to see if Pokimane ends up actually setting foot inside the ring, but she would hardly be the first Twitch streamer to do so.

At 2022’s Creator Clash, Twitch star JustaMinx emerged victorious against TikToker Yodeling Haley.

Pokimane wants influencer boxing match after sparring match with Mizkif

JustaMinx made history at Creator Clash 2022 by fighting in the world’s first-ever women’s influencer boxing match.

Chess streamer Andrea Botez, meanwhile, has had two bouts so far. The first happened at Ludwig’s Chessboxing event, where she suffered a controversial loss to Dina Belenkaya.

Botez would then battle YouTuber Michelle Khare at Creator Clash 2, but was unable to pick up the win yet again.

Kick star Amouranth was also supposed to make her boxing debut at Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos’ La Velada del Año 3 in 2023, but had to back out due to health reasons.

Hopefully, Pokimane’s boxing ambitions are legitimate, and the Twitch icon can one day end up competing at the next big influencer showdown, whenever that may be.


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