Powerful Baldur’s Gate 3 invisibility item can be yours for free in Act 1

Powerful Baldur’s Gate 3 invisibility item can be yours for free in Act 1

Baldur’s Gate 3 hides a powerful item in plain sight during Act 1 that some players are only discovering now after sinking hundreds of hours into the game, one that offers up a massive edge early on in the experience.

Baldur’s Gate 3 players have once again been left in a state of awe at the vastness and attention to detail of the game. While many have already spent hundreds of hours with it, new items, dialogue and more are still being discovered almost a year after the game first dropped.

For one Baldur’s Gate 3 player, an encounter in Act 1 found them in possession of a powerful item, one they couldn’t believe could be found so early on in the experience.

Taking to Reddit, the player included a photo of the in-game item in question, Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands.

A level 2 illusion ring that grants players a brief moment of invisibility, making pickpocketing easier to commit, as well as being a handy tool to hide from foes if and when players traverse into an area that they may be too low a level to typically navigate.

HUNDRED’S of hours in and I’m only just now discovering…?
byu/Entire_Machine_6176 inBaldursGate3

The Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands ring can be a great tool to help find loot when still finding your feet during Act 1 of the game.

“This guy is just sitting in Act 1? I looked around and the only post I could find on this ring is a Steam thread cataloging all magic items. I’ve never seen ANYONE mention this ring before and it’s wild to me because come on, Invisible Ring for free is insane to me.”

Finding and obtaining the Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands in Act 1, while easy to miss, can be a great way to get a massive edge early on in the game.

However, pocketing the ring without having to pay for it can be a tricky step for players. In order to find the ring, head over to Grymforge on the west side of the lower levels. There you will find two Duergar kicking and throwing bodies into the lake.

Walk over to the two and convince them to let you search the bodies and if you are able to successfully complete a Sleight of Hand check, you can find and keep the ring without them noticing. However, if this fails you will have to purchase the ring from them for a hefty fee of $400.

As well as this, another BG3 player commented on the Reddit thread regarding a third way to get your hands on the ring.

“You can also just straight up murder both Duegar. I do it every time. All of my characters despise slavery, so I always go into the Duegar encampment ready for the slaughter.”

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