Pretty Little Liars spin-off trailer delivers surprising connection to original series 

Pretty Little Liars spin-off trailer delivers surprising connection to original series 

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School released its first trailer and it included the return of a fan favorite character from the original series.

The Pretty Little Liars spin-off series is back for its second season, and the girls are headed to summer school. And, much to the surprise of the show’s fans, Dr. Anne Sullivan is coming back in this spinoff.

While Season 1 did contain some connections to the original popular teen series by way of revisiting old set locations or the mention of the main cast, Season 2 went the extra mile and brought back one of the original’s fan favorite characters.

The season’s newly released trailer revealed that Dr. Sullivan will be counseling Tabby, Faran, Noa, and Mouse through the traumatic experience they endured at throughout Season 1, much like she did with the original Liars.

Season 1 of the Pretty Little Liars spin-off — also known as Original Sin — saw the five girls being stalked by A, a deadly masked murderer, as part of a revenge scheme against their mothers for an incident that happened at a Y2K party.

The season finale revealed that A was actually the girls’ principal who wanted both the moms to suffer for the role they played in the death of Angela Waters, a girl they went to high school. Meanwhile, the masked figure who was hunting them all season was Angela’s twin brother, Archie.

In the trailer, Dr. Sullivan assures the girls that the murders and stalking was now behind them, but it becomes very clear that the Waters family isn’t done with the Liars. It seems Angela’s mother, Rose, is now stalking them, and it’s up to the group to figure out why they’re being targeted once more.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School premieres on May 9 through Max and, in the meantime, you can check out all the cool shows streaming this month.

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