PUBG announces return of OG map with Erangel Classic event

PUBG announces return of OG map with Erangel Classic event

PUBG’s original map, Erangel, is returning to the battle royale so players can relive their memories of 2017 all over again, but it’s only going to be for a limited time.

Krafton, the company behind PUBG, has announced that the game’s first map, Erangel, is set to return in a two-week in-game event called Erangel Classic. The event will go live in two phases separately on PC as well as console.

For PC players, the event will commence on May 14, 2024, and will conclude on May 28 at 7 AM UTC. However, for console fans, it’ll begin on May 23, and end on June 6 at 7 AM UTC.

Furthermore, Erangel Classic will replace the current Erangel map in the normal match playlist during this period. The two-week event is not only bringing back the map design from its original launch, but is also rebalancing weapons to make gunplay feel more like it did back in the OG days.

Krafton has announced that they’re also reverting to some old-school graphics from that era to really let the nostalgia hit home for OG PUBG players. The foggy and rainy weather returns to the battle royale and the classic UI with vintage crosshair will even be reinstated.

The event will also bring back OG weapons like the Tommy Gun, which is obtainable from the Care Package, and benches will return to offer easy weapon loot once again. More info about the event will be revealed in the May 13 patch notes.

The Erangel map has been one of the most popular ones among players with iconic locations like School, Pochinki, Georgopol, and Sosnokva Military Base that were a landmark for intense combat back in the day.

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