Quicksilver Storm nerf has left Destiny 2’s most popular AR in a sad state

Quicksilver Storm nerf has left Destiny 2’s most popular AR in a sad state

A hefty nerf to Quicksilver Storm in Into The Light has taken what was previously the best auto rifle in Destiny 2 and made it much more difficult to justify using with its unique ability weakened.

With the Into The Light update, Quicksilver Storm was one of the exotic weapons hit hardest, with the auto rifle receiving the following nerfs:

The result of this is that the exotic weapon available as a Lightfall pre-order bonus now requires 16 shots instead of 12 to proc Rocket Tracers. Furthermore, its AOE damage from Grenade Chaser is down almost 30,000 per grenade.

This is a massive nerf as Grenade Chaser loads grenades based on the amount of Rocket Tracers landed on combatants. With Quicksilver Storm producing 50% fewer rockets, that also means 50% fewer grenades.

Even when you do manage to load a grenade, it will deal far less damage unless you land a direct hit. This limits the AR’s usefulness as an add clear weapon, especially in Destiny 2’s higher tier content, where enemies are far tankier.

While these nerfs don’t make Quicksilver Storm useless, they do raise questions about whether the exotic auto rifle is still worth using after its nerfs.

Each loadout can only utilize one exotic weapon and with the Kinetic slot including powerhouses like Wish-Ender, Witherhoard, and Osteo Striga, it might finally be time to put Quicksilver Storm in the vault.

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