Quiet on Set beats The Last of Us in major streaming record

Quiet on Set beats The Last of Us in major streaming record

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV couldn’t be more different to The Last of Us, but the Nickelodeon documentary series just beat the HBO show in a major streaming record. 

As one of the most talked about true crime shows of 2024 so far, Quiet on Set took viewers behind the scenes of Dan Schneider’s kids TV empire, while looking at sex offenders who worked on the set of numerous Nickelodeon shows and the abuse Drake Bell endured as a teen. 

Nearly two weeks after the fifth and final bonus episode of the docu-series aired, Nielsen’s weekly streaming viewing figures show that Quiet on Set’s first four episodes were streamed for more than 1.25 billion minutes on Max between March 18 and 24. 

Quiet on Set beats The Last of Us in major streaming record

Nielsen’s figures show the top 10 TV shows watched between March 18 and 24, 2024

The show was beaten out that week by Netflix’s Three Body Problem and Prime Video’s Road House, which were viewed for nearly 1.4 billion minutes and more than 1.3 billion minutes, respectively. 

However, this does make Quiet on Set Max’s best single-week streaming performance ever recorded, beating out HBO’s impeccable video game adaptation, The Last of Us. 

The Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey-starring series previously held the title after being viewed for 1.2 billion minutes during the week of January 30 to February 5 last year.

Though Quiet on Set now holds the title, this could all change with the arrival of The Last of Us Season 2, which is set to debut in 2025.

Until then, both Quiet on Set and The Last of Us Season 1 are streaming on Max now. For more true crime, check out our roundup of the new documentaries out this month. You can also take a look at the new movies coming to streaming this month, as well as the TV shows to add to your watchlist. 

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