Robin debuts bold new costume in DC’s Absolute Power summer event

Robin debuts bold new costume in DC’s Absolute Power summer event

Further previews of ‘Absolute Power’ have revealed a surprising tweak to Batman’s son, with Damian Wayne debuting a new Robin costume.

The upcoming ‘Absolute Power‘ event promises to shake up the DC Universe, with Amanda Waller’s actions leaving heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman powerless. It falls to a human-led resistance, spearheaded by Batman, to save the day.

Readers got their first look at the upcoming event with this week’s DC solicits, but eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice a new Robin costume tucked away on one of the variant covers.

‘Absolute Power: Task Force VII’ #1 features the first of a series of interconnecting covers, this one depicting Batman with Nightwing, Green Arrow, and Robin. But Robin is sporting an updated new costume.

Robin debuts bold new costume in DC’s Absolute Power summer event

Robin gets a striking new costume in the upcoming Absolute Power event.

At first glance, it appears to be Damian’s current black and gray costume with more traditional Robin colors, but there are some subtle changes, including losing the more tunic-styled top and adding new boots and gloves. It appears Damian has also gone back to a more traditional Robin logo.

Of course, fans are mixed on this. Many on the DC Comics subreddit have cried foul, claiming this continues DC’s trend of seemingly erasing Tim Drake, the third Robin.

“I feel like  the green makes him look too similar to Tim again,” one user pointed out, adding, “With Damian aging faster than Tim, soon it’s gonna be almost impossible to tell them apart!”

While Damian’s new costume is strikingly similar to the look Tim has worn for most of his existence, it’s worth noting Damian is really just reverting to the traditional Robin color scheme. He’s worn similar outfits to this for years, though his earlier costumes featured a heavier look with multiple layers and hoods.

The current black-and-gray look stemmed from his falling out with Batman and was meant to reflect their then-fractured relationship. Considering father and son are on better terms now, this could be a sign of his renewed bond with the Bat-family.

‘Absolute Power: Task Force VII’ #1 will be on stands July 10.

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