Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft calls out new DMCA system after custom hat takedown

Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft calls out new DMCA system after custom hat takedown

Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft is calling out the platform’s new DMCA rules after his iconic hat was removed from the UGC marketplace. Here’s everything you need to know about the situation.

KreekCraft is one of the most prominent Roblox content creators out there. The YouTuber has his own PXL Playground firm with Karl Jacobs, where they produce Roblox games, competitions, and more.

However, Kreek is also recognized for his UGC material, such as his iconic Hat accessory, which his followers have adored and worn for over four years. However, owing to a recent DMCA strike, the headgear is no longer available on Roblox and has been removed from the UGC marketplace.

KreekCraft shared the news in an X post where they told fans, “My hat on Roblox got deleted due to a DMCA copyright takedown. Either a) Roblox filed it themselves or b) someone is already abusing the new DMCA system.”

This follows Roblox’s implementation of a new DMCA and moderation system, as well as the ability for more creators to sell their creations in the Marketplace. While the takedown surprised many of Kreek’s viewers, the YouTuber himself has criticized the platform’s new approach, and many fans have shared their similar opinions on the matter.

One such user said, “100% abusing the system, because that isn’t copyrighted and it’s your design.” Another chimed in, “Not even the GOAT is safe from this madness.” A third one added, “Most probably Roblox, since they already said NO Roblox logos are allowed on an accessory, and yours had one.”

While Roblox’s moderation system has been questioned from time to time, smaller creators are now fearing the fate of their UGC creations, since it’s a thriving economy for such users. However, KreekCraft’s popularity and credibility might just save him and get his UGC back up in the marketplace soon enough.

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