Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight KSI on one condition

Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight KSI on one condition

Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. says he’s down to fight YouTube star KSI as Mike Tyson gears up to take on Jake Paul this summer in a first-of-its-kind Netflix special event.

Mike Tyson isn’t the only OG boxer getting back in the ring against some young blood, as Roy Jones Jr. thinks he stands a good chance against British influencer KSI in a hypothetical bout.

Jones appeared in an interview on the Misfits Boxing YouTube channel on April 11, 2024, where he was asked about the possibility of taking on KSI amidst the current hype surrounding Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul.

His outlook was quite positive. In fact, Jones believes that he could make the fight happen — but says the conditions would need to be right to sign the dotted line.

“I mean, we can make it happen,” he answered. “I understand that KSI’s good. He has a different style, but Roy Jones Jr. is still a dog, you understand me? He don’t back down from nothing, and when he comes, he comes for real.

“So if there was enough time and it’s a great situation, and if it’s gonna be in the UK and people would wanna come see it — I mean, I’m younger than Mike Tyson. If Mike can do it, why can’t I? But it’s gotta be the right situation. So if people wanna see it and it’s a great situation, and a great chance for me to come perform in front of my UK crowd, how could I say no?”

(Topic begins at 17:00)

When asked how he’d fare in the hypothetical match, Jones didn’t count out KSI’s skills despite the gap in their experience in the ring.

“From what I’ve seen, his uniqueness would be very difficult to deal with, because you never know when he’s coming and when he’s not,” Jones reflected. “He’s unpredictable. And that being said, he’s gonna be hard, especially when your reflexes are not what they used to be.”

Thus far, KSI hasn’t responded to Jones’ latest remarks… but it’s clear that Roy Jones Jr. is down to scrap if everything’s right.

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