Ryan Gosling ends Barbenheimer mania with powerful Taylor Swift ballad

Ryan Gosling ends Barbenheimer mania with powerful Taylor Swift ballad

Ryan Gosling has put the final nail in the coffin of Barbenheimer as he performed a farewell number to it during Saturday Night Live.

Barbenheimer was one of the biggest cultural phenomenon of the summer 2023 as Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer took over both the box office and fans’ heart.

Despite both movies sweeping award season with Oppenheimer winning the ultimate grand prize of Best Picture at the Oscars, the hype around Barbenheimer has still been simmering under the surface all this time.

However, it seems like the phenomenon is ready to be laid to rest as Rylan Gosling aka Ken himself sang one final ballad to send the double feature off into the sunset.

Gosling, who acted as Saturday Night Live’s recent host, sang a version of Taylor Swift’s iconic breakup song “All Too Well” with references to the Barbie movie sprinkled throughout.

“If I said I was doing fine, you’d know I’d be lyin’ because I was just Ken and now I’m just Ryan,” Gosling sang while donning Ken’s famous fur coat.

However, his monologue song was disrupted by Oppenheimer’s Emily Blunt, who chastised Gosling for not using his time on SNL to promote their new movie.

But, with a little coaxing and a bit of light insults, Gosling managed to get Blunt to join him in singing a farewell to their shared box office double feature.

“We were Kitty and Ken, and I wish you could’ve seen us. You were loyal to the end and your guy had no penis,” the duo sang, “Must confess we’re a mess to impress, now it’s time to wish Ken farewell.”

And their duet was punctuated with both Blunt and Gosling blowing out a candle with Ken’s smiling face on it, which is the perfect way to end one of the most iconic movie moments of the last few years.

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