Sentinels’ Zellsis slams VCT refs for forcing team to play through tech issues

Sentinels’ Zellsis slams VCT refs for forcing team to play through tech issues

Sentinels Valorant player Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro called out the VCT Americas referees following his team’s first match of the split for forcing them to fix audio issues during the game without pausing.

Sentinels took down 100 Thieves 2-0 in their first match of the VCT Americas regular season on Sunday. The game, however, was not as seamless a win as the scoreline would lead fans to believe.

Zellsis revealed in a live stream after the matchup that Sentinels noticed substantial audio issues with their setups before the match. Worst still, they were not able to fix them before the game started.

“I’m going to say this and I don’t give a sh** if I get in trouble because it’s f****** bullsh**. We got on stage and our entire audio is f****… then they are like ‘We need to do walkouts.’ And then we are like ‘Wait we need to fix our audio first,’ and then they’re like ‘Alright you guys can fix it when we get back into the game,’ we get back into the game and they start the match,” Zellsis said.

The player then explained that the VCT Americas workers told the players they needed to play with the issues and fix them as the game continued.

“So every round on defense there’s one or two people going ‘Yo can you increase this person by 10%, hey can you increase our game volume by 10%,’ we had no tech,” he said.

Zellsis also said that if the team had called a technical pause to fix the issues, the refs would threaten them either by removing a tactical time-out or warning the team.

“This whole thing, that we can’t tech pause to fix our issues, is f****** bullsh**,” he said.

While a frustrating situation for Zellsis and the Sententinal squad, the Masters Madrid winners still managed to take down 100 Thieves and continue their great form in domestic play.


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