Severance Season 2 drops long-awaited teaser, and fans think they know what the balloons mean

Jasmine Valentine

Severance Season 2 drops long-awaited teaser, and fans think they know what the balloons mean

Apple TV+

It’s good news for Severance fans as the first teaser for Season 2 has dropped. But do those balloons have a hidden meaning?

For those who have been patiently waiting for one of the most popular TV shows in recent years to return, Apple TV+ might have just hinted that the release date is sooner than we think.

Severance Season 2 was included in the streaming service’s ‘Coming Soon’ teaser, and while the clips were brief, fans are convinced there’s a key Easter egg hiding in plain sight.

When Mark (Adam Scott) arrives through the elevator doors and puts on his lanyard, he’s greeted by Milchick (Tramell Tillman), who is holding a bunch of balloons, stating: “Welcome back. Been a while.”

It’s these balloons that have fans speculating over what they might mean, and some already think they have an answer.

“He gets blue balloons because he is starting new and knows nothing about his past? BLUE MEANING!” one fan posted on X/Twitter in response to the teaser.

According to the post, blue can represent security, confidence, and peacefulness — but it could also hint at the classic turn of phrase “out of the blue,” meaning something else is going to happen unexpectedly.

When we last saw Mark, he’d found a photo confirming Ms. Casey to be Gemma. Trying to tell Devon, he’s only able to say “She’s alive!” before Milchick tackles Dylan, deactivating the overtime contingency. The three are then reverted to their outie state.

It therefore stands to reason that Severance Season 2 wipes Mark’s slate clean, having no memory of the events that happened in Season 1.

“I have the feeling they are making Mark forget everything that happened in Season 1. That’s why he screams ‘wait’ in the elevator,” the same fan noted. “The way he is on the table is the same as Helly was but on the back. His different clothing is from the first time he came to Lumon vs. now.”

However, there could be even more to the balloons, with other fans noticing that they also have Mark’s face on them. He’s later seen carrying them down the infamous fluorescent hallways.


Adam Scott reveals Severance Season 2 will be released in “near future”

Fans are also told “Your innie has already seen this image” in the accompanying social media post from Apple TV+, possibly indicating that the balloons might serve as a way to jog Mark’s memories before he was reverted.

The fact that Severance Season 2 is included in the presentations suggests that fans could see new episodes at some point this year — and when they arrive, they have lots of questions to answer.

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