Sidemen’s Behzinga hospitalized after suffering “life-threatening” asthma attack

Sidemen’s Behzinga hospitalized after suffering “life-threatening” asthma attack

British YouTuber Ethan Payne is keeping his fans updated after suffering a “life-threatening” asthma attack that put him in the hospital.

On Monday, April 22, YouTuber Ethan Payne was hospitalized after suffering a severe asthma attack.

He posted the news to his Instagram stories and X on Wednesday, April 24, sharing the exact details of his condition and a play-by-play of his time in the hospital, calling the incident a “life-threatening” health issue that left him “pretty shaken up.”

“Have never been told how serious my asthma actually was, but the lovely people in the hospital have helped massively, ” he explained. “From being admitted to being transferred into [the] resuscitation unit and finally into [the] respiratory ward and finally on the mend.”

The YouTuber also said that he’s been put on an “entirely new plan” for his asthma moving forward and hopes to make a “super comeback soon.”

He then shared a series of selfies in the different “phases” of his treatment, showing himself wearing an oxygen mask and a hospital gown. In his Phase One photo, Payne claimed he “nearly died,” while in Phase Two he says he “thought this was actually the end” for him.

Now, he’s feeling “more positive and thankfully alive” after getting through Phase Five of his treatment, and is currently recovering in a hospital five hours from home, although he says he “feels bad” for his fiancée Faith, their daughter Olive, and “everyone involved.”

Payne has been open about his asthma for some time, notably opening up about the time he suffered from an asthma attack during one of KSI’s boxing matches, saying it felt like someone was “pushing on his chest constantly.”

“I just couldn’t get the breath in,” he said during an episode of the ‘What’s Good’ Podcast.

Luckily, it appears that Payne is recovering from this latest attack and has the support of the Sidemen and his girlfriend Faith during this time.

Other top creators are offering their well-wishes after Payne broke the news, with UK YouTuber Joe Weller, American vlogger Mike Majlak, and even Syndicate reaching out with encouraging words amid Behzinga’s ongoing recovery.


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