Spy x Family Season 3: Everything we know

Spy x Family Season 3: Everything we know

Spy x Family Code: White has Loid and the rest of the Forger clan taking over cinemas right now. But what about Season 3 of the show?

Spy x Family very quickly established itself as one of the best anime if you like spies, assassins, and the occasional bit of telepathy. The anime show follows Loid Forger, a secret agent who has to put together a cover family for a longhaul mission.

He does so, but his choices don’t make life easy. His wife is a mercenary, their adopted daughter, Anya, can read minds and they get a dog too, who has premonitions.

It’s a lot, but they manage. Spy x Family Season 2 involved a hazardous cruise, while Spy x Family Code: White had the Forgers helping to keep world peace. What could possibly be next?

Is Spy x Family Season 3 confirmed?

Spy x Family Season 3: Everything we know

Spy x Family Season 3 hasn’t been announced yet, nor has there been any official confirmation of new episodes.

Spy x Family Code: White was announced alongside Season 2 at Jump Festa ’23 in December 2022. However, we’re still waiting to hear what will come next.

Season 3 seems incredibly likely based on the success of the movie. The franchise continues to grow in popularity, and there’s still plenty of manga left to adapt, too. You can still watch Spy x Family Code: White in theaters right now, but once that run is over, we expect we’ll learn more about any potential new chapter.

What will Spy x Family Season 3 be about?

Spy x Family Season 3: Everything we know

Spy x Family Season 3 would first focus on Anya, whose class is kidnapped by terrorists on a school trip in the Red Circus Arc. Then, the story would likely move onto the Mole Hunt Arc, where Loid and Yor help track down someone who’s stolen secret documents, including those involving Operation Strix.

Season 2 of Spy x Family finished on Chapter 59, adapting the Cruise Adventure Arc, and some side stories afterward. Barring any kind of radical change, the third season should start from Chapter 64 or close to it.

Where will you be able to watch Spy x Family Season 3?

Spy x Family Season 3: Everything we know

If it happens, the show will be streaming on Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll has been the home of the Forger family since the show started becoming available in English-speaking territories, and there’s very little chance of that changing any time soon.


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