Starbucks baristas reveal the weirdest orders they’ve ever gotten

Starbucks baristas reveal the weirdest orders they’ve ever gotten

Starbucks baristas have taken to Reddit to reveal the weirdest orders they’ve ever gotten, and it has everyone cracking up. 

We’ve seen plenty of examples of weird food orders from fast-food customers. Back in March, McDonald’s workers “wanted to throw up” after seeing a bizarre order from a customer. 

Now, in a Reddit post dedicated to Starbucks’ baristas, workers took to the platform to share some of the weirdest orders they’ve ever had to prepare for customers. 

“Someone wanted a caramel macchiato blend… I made them a caramel frappe. They said the taste was right but it looked weird… like?” the post began. 

“I’m kinda new (going on four months) so I haven’t had any super weird orders but I’m curious what you guys have seen,” the poster prompted. 

People were quick to respond with their experiences, writing: “Lol, I’ve had some weird ones that had me puzzled. Some guy ordered a venti iced coffee with three different syrups that came out to 34 pumps. I forget what three flavors it was but it was 12 pumps of one, 12 pumps of the second syrup, and 10 pumps of the third syrup. 

“He also asked for extra cream. He did NOT modify his ice. So…the syrups came up to half of the cup or a bit more. But I was only able to put a drop of iced coffee in there… So I just…gave him his cup of sugar milk with a hint of coffee,” they finished. 

“Lemonade with two shots of espresso,” one stated bluntly, with responders saying: “This one right here wins. Just WHAT?”

“Someone once asked for a caramel mojito at the drive-thru. I was like, ma’am I wish we had that. I’d buy us both one,” another revealed. 

“By far a grande lemonade with caramel syrup, oat milk, and salted caramel cold foam. It tasted exactly how you think it would,” one chimed in. 

Another Starbucks barista went viral, after they called out “old men” at the store who kept touching her hands.

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