Starbucks summer menu 2024: Rumored items

Starbucks summer menu 2024: Rumored items

With summer just around the corner, Starbucks is set to drop a new menu on May 7. Here are the items rumored to be rolling out in stores near you.

Starbucks have just announced their new spicy Refreshers for the beginning off summer, but rumor has it that they are set to drop a whole new range of boba-type drinks.

According to a TikTok by Markie Devo, a NY-based food blogger, Starbucks are going to drop three new drinks on May 7, along with a returning favorite:

Boba tea has been a really popular drinks craze for the past couple of years, so it only seems right that Starbucks tries its hand at the popping boba trend. Although these drinks don’t contain the traditional, more chewy tapioca pearls, these new raspberry popping boba balls will add a fresh burst to your Summer.

On top of the new drinks, fans will be able to enjoy an Orange Cream Cake Pop (which will likely taste like an orange dreamsicle) and a Pineapple Cloud cake to makes things a little more tropical.

And to finish it all off, Starbucks are said to be launching a new coffee blend that is intended for iced coffees. Crafted from Latin American coffees, this will have notes of malt milk chocolate and brown sugary sweetness.

Although Starbucks themselves are yet to confirm or deny this new rumored menu, Starbucks baristas on Reddit have confirmed that this range will be coming to the US, “We are getting a few new items for summer 2024. A new blue drink called ‘Berry refresher’ which is blue and will include raspberry boba-filled jam balls, is what they called it.”

Staff will usually ingredients for new drinks items around a month before they come out, so the timeline of this post would suggest that these rumors could be legit.

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