Steam Deck mod transforms handheld into Fallout’s Pip-Boy with custom theme

Steam Deck mod transforms handheld into Fallout’s Pip-Boy with custom theme

Thanks to this custom Fallout Steam Deck theme, the Steam Deck looks like it’s popped straight out of the wastelands.

Since the Fallout TV show landed on Amazon Prime, the Fallout game series has enjoyed a surge in popularity. Its new resurgence hasn’t escaped the Steam Deck, where new and old fans are flocking to explore the post-apocalyptic wastelands on the go.

Almost the entire Fallout franchise is playable on the Valve handheld. Fallout 4 is also set to be fully verified after its upcoming update. Yet, in the aftermath of the TV show adaption, fans are continually looking for other ways to show off their love of the series. Like with this incredible custom Pip-Boy theme for the Steam Deck.

Posted on r/Steam Deck by user InfinityPortal, and created by DeckThemes users SuchMeme and Emerson-Biggons, this custom theme turns the SteamOS interface into a Pip-Boy. Instead of the default white typeface and backgrounds, it swaps them out for the neon-green, retro-futuristic aesthetic of the iconic game series accessory.

Steam Deck mod transforms handheld into Fallout’s Pip-Boy with custom theme

You can’t equip the Steam Deck to your wrist like you can with every iteration of the Pip-Boy in the Fallout series. Yet the uniquely designed custom theme cleverly invokes the look of the Pip-Boy display, down to the built-in Steam Deck keyboard.

The Fallout ‘Pip-Boy’ Steam Deck theme isn’t something you can find natively on your Valve handheld. Instead, it’s available through CSS Loader, a Decky plug-in. With CSS Loader installed on your Deck, you can download a range of custom themes from sites like DeckyThemes, and show off your love of other iconic games series.

If you’re more of a Fallout New Vegas fan, there’s a theme for that too. The aesthetic of the New Vegas accessory is replicated instead. Down to the orange text, and font of the Pip-Boy 3000 model found within the fan-favorite game.

Valve hasn’t officially made any themes available on the Steam Deck. For now, you can only customize the built-in keyboard and start-up movie. Downloading themes via the CSS Loader plug-in does involve some extra Steam-Deck know-how. Yet, it’s worth it to show off your love of the Fallout series.

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