Stellar Blade currencies explained: Where to find Gold & Vitcoin

Stellar Blade currencies explained: Where to find Gold & Vitcoin

Stellar Blade has two main currencies that are separate from the EXP needed to level up. Here’s how Gold and Vitcoin work in Stellar Blade.

While Stellar Blade isn’t a traditional Soulslike game, it borrows heavily from that subgenre when it comes to combat and rest mechanics. However, unlike most Soulslike games, which use just one currency for experience, money, and everything else, Stellar Blade uses two different types of currency: Gold and Vitcoin. It also uses a separate system for EXP and leveling up.

Money, called Gold or just “G” in Stellar Blade, is used to buy upgrades and items from shops at campsites or in the game’s main hub city, Xion. However, the game also uses another important currency called Vitcoin, which is used alongside Gold but has some very specific uses for purchasing items that Gold can’t be used for.

Stellar Blade currencies explained: Where to find Gold & Vitcoin

Gold in Stellar Blade can be used to change Eve’s hair.

How to get Gold in Stellar Blade

Gold, like experience, can be found by doing most tasks in Stellar Blade. Completing missions and killing enemies both earn you money. Should you ever be low on funds, you can always farm more Gold by completing side quests or just hunting enemies out in the wasteland.

However, we discovered that we had more money than we needed in our playthroughs, and found that money was more useful for buying haircuts for Eve than for buying potions and upgrades. One way to find lots of money in Stellar Blade is to always smash breakable items. Most of these net you with a small amount of Gold, but this soon builds up if done consistently.

How to find Vitcoin in Stellar Blade

Vitcoin is a different currency in Stellar Blade that’s separate from Gold and has two main uses, activating campsites and unlocking/upgrading Eve’s various costumes. When you locate a camp in the game, you’ll need to spend a Vitcoin to switch it on, then you’ll be able to rest, shop, and use its other features. Most camps have a Vitcoin already there for you to pick up, so you rarely need to worry about this.

However, the most fun use of Vitcoin – and let’s be honest, the thing many players are going to want them for – is for unlocking and upgrading Eve’s various outfits. While you can find Eve’s costumes out in the wild and elsewhere, many need to be purchased from vendors. Once done, you’ll not be able to wear an outfit until you’ve used Vitcoin to fully unlock it. Different costumes cost different amounts of Vitcoins before they can be wearable.


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Stellar Blade currencies explained: Where to find Gold & Vitcoin

Vitcoins can be spent on unlocking outfits for Eve.

The good news is Vitcoin is also a pretty plentiful resource, the bad news is there doesn’t appear to be any singular way of farming it. Instead, Vitcoin can be found scattered all over the world in loot containers, on the ground, or as drops from elite enemies. However, the best way to get your hands on more of it to to complete quests. Many side quests provide Vitcoin for completion, even if that’s not stated as a reward for the quest.

Other side quests and main quests also provide a decent amount of Vitcoin, so you’ll rarely run out. This way you can continue to drip out Eve in the latest styles to your heart’s content.

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