Taco Bell fans amazed as customer reveals hack to get ‘cheapest meal’ ever

Taco Bell fans amazed as customer reveals hack to get ‘cheapest meal’ ever

In a video that’s been circulating TikTok, a woman revealed how she managed to secure what people are calling the ‘cheapest meal’ ever from Taco Bell. 

Rebecca Sowden is well-known on TikTok for her budgeting tips and tricks. Describing herself as a “recovering super-spender,” she aims to help her followers through her personal finance content. 

Her newest tip pertains to fast food and is designed for “girlies who want fast food but have few monies.”

“I just hate feeding myself and fast food is really expensive right now,” she said in the video. This is why one of Taco Bell’s meal deals piqued her interest. Rebecca discovered the $5.99 Veggies Build-Your-Own Cravings box, which includes one specialty item, one classic item, a side, and a medium drink.

In addition to her Veggies Cravings box, she also ordered two plain items, just in case she didn’t like the Chalupa, which was her specialty item. The whole thing came in at only $10.

After the video was posted on the platform, people couldn’t wait to weigh in and share their thoughts on Rebecca’s savings. 

“Taco Bell has been my staple for YEARS! $5-6 for a giant box of food? Can’t be beat,” one chimed in. 

“And no dishes to wash after? Sounds like a deal to me,” another wrote. 

A few were eager to share their own fast food saving hacks, adding: “Get the Arby’s app! Free sandwich every week this month.”

“Wendy’s Biggie bag is my go-to. Only $5 and it has small fries, a Jr. Bacon hamburger, four piece nuggets, and a small soda!” another said.

Taco Bell is certainly seeing major successes of late, and is outperforming other fast food giants in the process. 

Brands, who are the parent company of Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, released their stats for the fourth quarter of 2023. David Gibbs, Taco Bell’s CEO, revealed that the outlet boasted particularly high earnings from lower-income consumers in 2023.

Gibbs commented on Taco Bell’s success, saying: “I think that speaks to the strength of Taco Bell in this environment. It is a value leader in so many ways.”

Fast food fans can pick up another great deal at Wendy’s, as the chain is currently giving away free fries every Friday. As well as this, Arby’s is also giving away a free sandwich every single week in April via the app.

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