Teachers accused of bullying principal after tricking her into dressing up

Meera Jacka

Teachers accused of bullying principal after tricking her into dressing up

TikTok: average_principal

A principal has gone viral after sharing her excitement over a dress-up day at work, only for it to be revealed the other teachers “pranked” her.

Amy Andreassen, who goes by ‘average_principal‘ on TikTok, frequently posts about her experiences working at school as a principal.

Many of her videos include pranks played on her by the teaching staff, and while Andreassen proves to be a good sport in both the comments and caption, viewers aren’t convinced the pranks are all well-intentioned.

A now-viral video with over 3.6 million views had many convinced the teachers were being “cruel” to Andreassen after she was tricked into dressing up on a normal school day.

“I was so excited when my staff planned a ‘Wear Your Brightest Colors’ day,” Andreassen shared, showing how “several” teachers had even texted the principal to remind her to dress up.

Committing to the occasion, Andreassen donned a pink dress, stockings, shoes, and necklace, before pairing the rosy attire with a floral cardigan and “cat ears headband.”

However, when she showed up to school, Andreassen discovered the dress-up theme was “only for [her].” While she worked the day sporting her brightly colored outfit, the rest of the staff all wore black and grey instead.

“Teachers are mean,” Andreassen concluded the video. Despite this, she called the prank “creative” in her caption and added, “Before someone types ‘insubordinate’ — it was all in good fun. We have [two] days of school left and the principal is always fair game for shenanigans.”

Nonetheless, some viewers felt the situation was “terrible” and pointed out that “Pranks shouldn’t hurt.”

“I don’t enjoy how they were so mean. But, I hope you put a smile on the kid’s faces and I hope you can have a good day/week,” one person wrote.

Another said, “It kind of backfired on them because now you look like the main character.”

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