Tesla driver damages Cybertruck by taking it through an automatic carwash

Tesla driver damages Cybertruck by taking it through an automatic carwash

A Tesla-focused TikToker has warned Cybertruck owners not to take theirs to an automatic carwash. They tested a warning from Tesla themselves and were rewarded with a scuffed exterior.

Tesla’s Cybertruck is supposed to be one of the toughest trucks on the market with the manufacturer themselves touting its “durable exterior”. This has been put to the test in some whacky ways with comedian Joe Rogan even attempting to put an arrow in one.

While that arrow not only bounced right off and shattered its tip, that durability doesn’t seem to protect it from a car wash. TikToker JeremyJudkins2 found that out the hard way although, it was a fight he went looking for.

Aiming to test out a warning in the Cybertruck owner’s manual, Judkins took his own Cybertruck to a local automatic carwash and sent it through. “Do not take it through an automatic car wash,” he warned after the test.

At the end of the video, Judkins showed the impact of taking a Cybertruck through this particular carwash which had brushes that made physical contact with the vehicle. The end result was some scratches and minor wear that would require some repair.

Tesla itself recommends a touchless carwash if you do plan to clean the vehicle automatically. Although, according to the owner’s manual, this can be risky as well.

“Some touchless car washes use caustic solutions that, over time, can cause discoloration of decorative exterior trim,” the manual reads. “Avoid exposure to soaps and chemicals above pH 13. If unsure, check the product label or ask the staff at the car wash.”

Users in the comments were baffled by the impact a simple carwash could have on the supposedly durable Cybertruck. “I thought it was bulletproof? But not carwash proof?” asked one user incredulously. “It’s like the most delicate truck ever,” another replied.

For his part, Judkins didn’t seem too perturbed by the scratches and scuffs on his vehicle’s exterior. He did however note “there are some spots that need to be detailed”.


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