TF2 cast reunion proves the decades-old game is still thriving

TF2 cast reunion proves the decades-old game is still thriving

From seeking a Sandvich to singing the blues about said Sandvich, the voice cast of Team Fortress 2 is up to some strange yet wholesome shenanigans.

The voice actors behind the mercenaries of TF2 have made a name for themselves, and despite a drought of content in recent years, they’ve regularly reunited to create gut-busting content themed around the very game they star in.

The cast initially came back together thanks to Team Fortress 2 Youtuber ‘ShorK’ hosting an interview with several members of the game cast in 2022 during which they answered questions from their host as well as the community.

Since then, the cast has become more tight-knit, with each of them appearing in an odd online series hosted by Sniper voice actor John Lowrie called “The Sandvich Saga.” The series references the Heavy class’s strange affiliation with Sandwiches, portraying their in-game characters on a nonsensical quest for a sandwich.

Most recently, the cast has reunited once again, working with Shork to recreate another of the Meet the Team videos, a series of promotional videos featuring a sole class from the game.

Though the entire cast of all nine TF2 classes is not there, the voice actors of the Scout, Nathan Vetterlein, and the Engineer, Grant Goodeve, both have left the video game industry to focus on future prospects. Unfortunately, the voice actor for Soldier, Rick May, passed away in 2020 due to COVID-19-related complications and has since received an in-game tribute.

The cast coming together and creating Team Fortress 2-themed content gives me the feeling that not only is the game, and by extension, the fans, genuinely appreciated by the people behind iconic characters’ voices. There’s also hope of direct communication with Valve concerning the state of the game.

The Team Fortress 2 community is infamous for absolutely nonsensical content with Garry’s Mod and Source Filmmaker videos. They’ll be happy to know the voice actors whose lines they’ve been sentence-mixing for funnies are matching the vibe with a blues song about a Sandvich while dressed as their characters in a Jazz club.


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All TF2 players hope for more action on Valves’ part to provide the game with a steady release of new content. Though the likelihood of that is up for debate, the community certainly appreciate the cast of Team Fortress 2 providing us with ridiculously entertaining content to keep our spirits up.

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