The Boys fans can’t get over unexpected Star Wars connection

Jessica Cullen

The Boys fans can’t get over unexpected Star Wars connection

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The Boys fans have collided with another fandom after an unexpected connection was made to the new Star Wars series, The Acolyte.

If there were any doubts that June is one of the best months for old and new TV shows, one need only be reminded that The Boys Season 4 is also airing at the same time as the newest Star Wars series, The Acolyte.

While the two shows couldn’t be more different, there is one key connection between the two that means The Boys is somehow linked to a galaxy far far away, and fans who didn’t notice the first time around can’t quite believe it.

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It all boils down to The Boys star Jack Quaid, who starred alongside The Acolyte’s Amandla Stenberg in one of the biggest YA adaptations of all time, The Hunger Games.

“We’re not talking enough about how two leads of two of the biggest shows this month are Rue from The Hunger Games and the guy that impaled her with a spear,” pointed out one X user.

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Indeed, Quaid played Marvel in the first Hunger Games movie, one of the career tributes who Katniss kills in the arena. Anyone who’s watched The Hunger Games will also remember the sheer gut-wrenching detail that Stenberg played Rue, the young District 11 girl who Marvel kills.

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Rue’s death sets off a chain of events that eventually leads to the rebellion. Clearly, both roles are integral in the first Hunger Games film, but many fans of The Boys had no idea that Quaid was in the action movie.

“Wait wait wait LMAO I did not realize Jack Quaid was in Hunger Games til right now,” one X user wrote.

They weren’t the only one, as others chimed in with comments like: “Woah absolutely no idea that Hollywood’s good boy was Marvel in Hunger Games!!”

“I love how majority of the comments are like ‘she was Rue?!’ and I’m here shocked by the fact that he was in Hunger Games,” said another.

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Another pointed out: “Low key Jack had the most important role in the entire Hunger Games series . He’s the first person Katniss directly killed … without him Katniss would’ve never killed Coin.”

With June being the jam-packed month it is for many fan-favorite shows, this unexpected connection adds a little something extra to The Boys’ universe. Boy Wars, anyone?

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