The Boys fans obsess over Season 4’s unexpected Twilight montage

Kayla Harrington

The Boys fans obsess over Season 4’s unexpected Twilight montage

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The Boys fans have begun to obsess over every moment of Season 4 so far, but some have fixated on a Twilight-inspired montage centered around Homelander.

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 have been filled with memorable moments, from its homage to the Human Centipede to its grossest moment so far.

However, one particular sequence has some fans completely obsessed, as it parodies one of the most iconic moments from the Twilight movies.

A fan posted a clip from Episode 1 showing Homelander sitting in the same position as the environment changes around him, which is a clever tribute to the bedroom chair scene in Twilight: New Moon.

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Other viewers immediately praised the homage to the YA series as one fan wrote, “Bro is so funny,” while also commented, “Homelander Swan.”

One fan went so far as to edit the clip with the same color grading and on-screen text as the New Moon scene, along with the song ‘Possibility’ by Lykke Li, which played in the movie.

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The scene of Bella sitting in her bedroom while months go by is seen as one of the best moments in the Twilight Saga, and audiences at the time really connected with the way it depicted depression.

Putting Homelander in the same scenario is a subtle way to show how fragile his mental state currently is, especially when the scene proceeding it centered on Homelander having a nightmare where he relived some of the worst moments of his life.

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The idea that Homelander, the most powerful superhero on Earth, struggles with a sense of immense failure could be the show’s way of humanizing his character a bit.

While the series has been clear that no one should view Homelander as a hero of any kind, it’s still important to remind viewers that he still has some human in him, even if it’s buried deep under the surface.

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