The Boys Season 4’s wardrobe change for Homelander has fans freaking out

Tristan Stringer

The Boys Season 4’s wardrobe change for Homelander has fans freaking out

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The Boys viewers used to seeing Homelander in his patriotic super suit were shocked when he ditched it for civilian clothes in the first episode of Season 4.

Amazon’s show has taken the established Marvel and DC superhero formula and thrown it through a wall with bloody violence and a gritty look into the dirty secrets of heroes. The adaptation may change a lot from the comics, but one thing has stayed the same: Homelander is a complete psychopath.

Similar to the source material, Homelander is rarely seen not wearing his superhero suit. In the first episode of Season 4, we get a glimpse of the villain’s morning routine and his wearing casual clothes for the first time, offputting fans.

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Homelander goes incognito in a scene where he’s looking for answers from the smartest person in the world, Sister Sage.

“Never thought I’d see the day honestly. Although I think the Homelander print socks and briefs take the cake. Seeing him during his morning routine or honestly when he’s not out as Homelander was such a pleasant surprise.”

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One reply noted the similarity to the Superman origin series ‘Smallville’, “I love how Homelander’s disguise is basically Smallville Clark Kent.”

Some claimed the outfit’s styling is on purpose, acting as a safety blanket for the immature antagonist: “It was so off-putting, but I realized his outfit basically matches the color scheme of his costume, so it’s like he still has it on.”

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One viewer replied, thinking The Boys is taking another shot at Marvel whenever a character tries to hide their identity with sunglasses and a cap, “He looks like every Marvel character on the run. He could do more damage in this disguise.”

Whether you’re watching it in casual wear or a super suit, The Boys season 4 is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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