The knives are out: Among Us TV series voice actor tells us of show’s early progress

The knives are out: Among Us TV series voice actor tells us of show’s early progress

Among Us TV series cast member Phil LaMarr revealed to Dexerto that he has already “done one episode” of the project despite no footage being shown to the masses just yet.

At Supanova Melbourne 2024, Dexerto spoke with actor Phil LaMarr about the upcoming Among Us animated show. LaMarr, who has recently been announced to be voicing the character Brown, was unable to give away too much about the new video game adaptation.

However, LaMarr did reveal to Dexerto that the crew has already completed “one episode, but we’re not allowed to give spoilers.”

Given the nature of the show and that much of the plot is sure to play out in murder mystery fashion, the cast has naturally been told they can’t give away any spoilers. Much like how a round of the game plays out, the biggest thrill of the Among Us series is sure to be learning the identity of the killer. So it’s best to experience that unspoiled.

However, LaMarr was happy to speak on his own reasons for saying yes to the project, admitting that a leading factor in him joining the Among Us cast was his children.

“I had heard about the game. My kids played it.”

During the peak of the global crisis, many turned to video games as a way to entertain themselves and connect with friends when in-person interactions were limited. The likes of Animal Crossing and Among Us absolutely dominating the gaming space as a result.

For the latter, Among Us became a game folks from around the world all dived into. This popularity a driving force in encouraging CBS to develop an Among Us TV series.

One that boasts an impressive cast of voice talent including Phil LaMarr, Elijah Wood and more.

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