The Winds of Winter may finally drop after House of the Dragon Season 2

Kayla Harrington

The Winds of Winter may finally drop after House of the Dragon Season 2


The long-awaited sixth Game of Thrones book The Winds of Winter could be set to release after House of the Dragon Season 2 ends.

There’s already so much to be excited about when it comes to House of the Dragon Season 2 as viewers gear up for the battle of Greens vs. Blacks.

But now there’s another piece of news attached to the show for audiences to get hyped about as The Winds of Winter, George R. R. Martin‘s sixth Game of Thrones book, could drop after Season 2 ends.

Pop culture insider Deuxmoi posted an email they received to their Instagram story in which a source revealed Martin will be holding a party at his New Mexico home in honor of the book’s release.

The Winds of Winter may finally drop after House of the Dragon Season 2


This tip could hold the key to when the book will drop as House of the Dragon Season 2 is set to end on August 4 and the book release party could be held just after that.

Choosing to release The Winds of Winter in August would be a smart move for Martin as he will be attending WorldCon, the World Science Fiction Convention, in the UK from August 8 to 12 so he could use this outing to promote the book.

That’s not to say that Martin will truly need any help with promoting the latest entry in the Game of Thrones book universe as fans have been waiting for another installment since A Dance with Dragons debuted in 2011.

The Winds of Winter was supposed to come out at the same time as Game of Thrones Season 6, but Martin delayed it citing writer’s block.

The author has been very candid about the difficulty he’s experienced while writing this book, telling the Bangcast podcast, “I have like 1,100 pages written but I still have hundreds more pages to go. It’s a big mother of a book for whatever reason. Maybe I should’ve started writing smaller books when I began this but it’s tough. That’s the main thing that dominates most of my working life.”

Martin has also been slow to complete the novel because his focus was on other projects, like assisting with the writing of the Game of Thrones series.


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However, as House of the Dragon has ignited people’s interest in the Seven Kingdoms once again, the Winds of Winter may see the light of day sooner than anyone thought.

House of the Dragon Season 2 premieres on June 16. Make sure you check out our breakdown of the Targaryen kings and the wildest House of the Dragon fan fiction online. You can also find other new TV shows streaming this month.

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